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Climate Change - Group Project

Global climate change is the average climate over the entire planet. The climate is changing and the earth is warming up faster than ever, this is making the scientist concerned. 

The climate of the earth has changed a lot through the years. And it's now affecting every country on every continent. Its disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries. The weather is getting more extreme, the sea level is rising and the greenhouse gas emission are on the highest they have ever been in history. 

Scientist have year after year proved that climate change is in fact due to human activities. Still, there are a lot of people claiming that it’s not true, and that the scientists are over exaggerating. However, 97% of scientists agree that is a real problem we should be worried about.  The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is greater than 95 percent probability to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th …

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